There is nothing by chance. All that is meant to be will be. All that is, is.

Our “meeting” came by so suddenly that we had planned our first trip together within weeks. And a few months later, we had reunited.

We had never met in this lifetime, however, how can we call this our first meeting? We have been destined to reunite. Our souls had this deep inner knowing that we are the twin to each other. That we have had a homecoming.

There is no particular reason why we had chosen Greece, except for the (slightly) warmer weather in January and being more affordable than other places. Europe was a destination of choice; as it had been our only sensible choice in regards to travel visas. And January being our only month, because of Kensey’s off-season with work and Younes’ school holiday.

The mindset we have, is to not force anything. To trust and see what happens. As Younes always says, inshallah; my interpretation is that of, if it’s meant to be, it’ll be, and let’s see.

This is how it goes.

location. GREECE / Athens, Santorini
photography. KENSEY JEANDENA
equipment. Canon 5DIII and Canon 24-105mm f4Sigma 35mm 1.4 ARTBlackrapid Strap(Womens)Samsung NX500 Mirrorless and nx20mm lens 

Photos and Media are Copyrighted Prism of Soul unless stated otherwise. Please ask for permission (and properly credit, link back to our site, and tag us on social media) before using. Thank you.


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