Two of the same, united in soul, sharing a mission to reawaken the hearts in all (who seek.)

Kensey Jean and Younes.

PRISM OF SOUL, came to be by a friend, named Aurelia, who first suggested that Kensey resembled a prism. During this time, Kensey was having a deep ego death experience. As her understanding of reality began to break down, so did the things she wished to accomplish; the things she once dreamed about and spent most of her time doing, felt fleeting and no longer mattered.

As her fascination with the soul grew, so did the need for her to find a way to describe it; a name for the soulistic mission within her. She loved the metaphorical term PRISM so much that she then merged the words prism and soul together. Thus born was the name, PRISM OF SOUL.

The soul being is vast in richness and depth. It is not one thing, but a container of many; a rainbow if you will, like a refracted prism. And so, awakening to the soul within is not only essential to one’s growth, it is you, being in truth of who you are.

The admiration of soul is each forged within the twins Kensey Jean and Younes.